Environmental Responsibilities

We’re a bunch of nature lovers here at Scott Anderson, so we’re keen to minimise our impact on the planet. From seasonal vegetables to armfuls of just-picked herbs, our ingredients are fresh, thoughtfully sourced and of the very best quality. We also do our bit to minimise food waste too!  

We believe we’re paying more than lip service with a number of actions below;

  • We grow a lot of our own herbs at Brogdale therefore reducing the amount of packaging and transportation required 

  • We use local suppliers for meat and produce as much as possible to reduce the carbon footprint 

  • We recycle our cooking oil which is turned into biofuel 

  • We use wooden canapé skewers and cutlery 

  • Our takeaway boxes are from sustainable sources  

  • The kitchen recycle paper, card, glass and plastic 

  • We invested in a newer refrigerated van that is more economical and produces lower emissions 

  • We limit the amount of printing in the office and what we do print we recycle and receive a receipt from the company we use to confirm how many trees we’ve saved

  • We email clients their quotes, invoices and menus therefore no paper is needed

  • We use receipt bank for invoices so that paper copies are not required at any stage in the accounting process

  • We changed our lights to energy saving lights

  • We now only purchase straws that can be recycled 


The environment is high on peoples agenda and therefore more and more prominent behind peoples decision making on who they choose for their wedding, event or to represent their company.


Choose a company that values the environment, choose Scott Anderson!