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Frequently Asked Questions

Some quick answers to some quick questions…

  • How long before my wedding do you need my final guest numbers and payment?
    Seven or eight weeks before your wedding we will be in touch to request your final numbers which we will then use to update your quote and raise your balance invoice ready for payment six weeks before your wedding.
  • How long before my wedding do you need my table plan and food choices?
    Three weeks before your wedding. We will remind you of this when we request your final numbers. You will have been sent our table plan template to fill in and send back to us.
  • How many guests should I have around each table?
    Around a 5ft table 8 is comfortable, 9 works and 10 is tight. Around a 6ft table 10 is comfortable, 11 works and 12 is tight.
  • Can you cater for guests with dietary requirements e.g. gluten free, dairy free, various allergies?"
    Yes we can. Where possible we will modify your chosen menu options to suit your guests needs, if not possible then we will suggest alternatives.
  • Do you have a children’s menu?
    Yes we do, garlic bread starter, cheese and ham pasta bake for main and a chocolate brownie for dessert. Children are also welcome to have a half portion of the adult menu if they wish.
  • Do I have to choose from your menus or can I have a bespoke menu?
    Our menus are a guideline however please do let us know if you have something different in mind, we are more than happy to work with you create a bespoke menu which suits your requirements.
  • Do we need to include a vegetarian option as one of the two menu options we send out to our guests?
    Your vegetarian option does not have to be one of the two dishes your guests choose from if you would like those dishes to be meat/fish. All we ask is that this option does not go out on your invites when you send the menu out as a ‘third’ option as it is exclusively for vegetarian/vegan guests only. We suggest having a comments or tick box at the end of your menu for people to inform you that they are vegetarian or vegan. We will adapt your chosen vegetarian option to be suitable for vegan guests where possible.

Scott Anderson

Wedding and Event Caterers in Kent

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