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White Washed Wood

BBQ Wedding Breakfast

From the BBQ

Cajun chicken butterflied and marinated with aromatic spices finished with a refreshing yoghurt dip

Hickory marinated pork tenderloin and fresh pineapple kebabs with a smoky BBQ glaze

Kentish beef burgers served with mature cheddar cheese and brioche rolls

Salmon and roasted pepper skewers finished with a red pepper and fennel salsa

Free range BBQ butterfly chicken breasts with oregano and thyme butter

Traditional pork and herb sausages

Pork, leek and herb sausages with caramelised onions

Char-grilled Mediterranean vegetable skewers marinated in a tomato basil pesto Ve

Pork loin steaks with thyme and sage butter

Skewers of sweet potato, yellow peppers with chilli and lime salsa Ve

Sweet chilli chicken skewers with fresh coriander

Baked stuffed avocado filled with red onion, goats’ cheese & sweet potato V

Blackened salmon fillets topped with mirin and soy

Lemon thyme and cracked black pepper mushrooms with olive oil Ve

From the Buffet

Summer garden leaf salad with fresh plum tomato, cucumber and spring onions

Beetroot, marinated feta cheese and sweet potato salad with pine nuts and a tarragon and red wine vinegar dressing

Heirloom tomato and bocconcini salad with baby basil and black pepper

Moroccan style couscous with chickpeas, dried fruits and lemon and olive oil dressing

Penne pasta with slow roasted Italian vegetables bound in basil pesto with baby cherry vine tomatoes

Traditional coleslaw of white cabbage, carrot and shredded white onion bound in a rich mayonnaise

Caesar salad with crunchy ciabatta croutons and shaved parmesan

Selection of sauces


Buffet Desserts

Individual Eton mess, layers of meringue, fresh strawberries and Chantilly cream layered with berry coulis

Double chocolate brownies served with caramel sauce, Chantilly cream and pistachio crumb

Kentish strawberries served with pouring and whipped vanilla cream (seasonal)

Tiramisu, layers of coffee sponge and cream finished with coffee anglaise and biscotti

Melon, strawberry and kiwi fruit skewers laced with dark and white chocolate sauce

Chilled fresh fruits drizzled with a vanilla and star anise syrup Ve

Classic cream filled profiteroles with dark chocolate sauce


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