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Event Catering at The Historic Dockyard - Thursday 13th October 2022

Dear Kamila,

I am writing to you on behalf of Chatham Historic Dockyard Trust to thank you and your team for your exceptional catering service at our Trafalgar Night Dinner.

We received many compliments on the night on the quality and presentation of the food. Every course was absolutely sublime and left a great impression on our guests.

The catering team were flawless in their presentation and disposition, and were remarkably hospitable. Each member of the team came across so confident in their surroundings and interaction with guests. You couldn’t tell this was their first time at our venue helping us to deliver one of our most important events of the year.

Thank you for your professionalism and excellent service that matched the standards expected for such an event. You helped to ensure we delivered a spectacular evening for our guests.

Kind regards



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