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Wedding Reception at Hayne House - Saturday 9th September 23

Hello Anna

‘Thank you’ is just not enough to begin to show our appreciation for the way you looked after and guided Clare throughout the process of choosing and finalising the foods for their Wedding. The food was so well prepared and presented. There were constant referrals from the guests of how delicious the choices were.

What I was even more blown away by was the quality and level of training that Andersons put in to choosing and preparing their staff serving at table. Each of them was professional, courteous and appeared to enjoy what they did. Well done to Andersons and more so to each of the waiting staff who played such a key role in making this day a very special one for our daughter Clare and Marc, to remember always. Please can I ask you to thank them most sincerely from us; I wish that I could thank them each in person.

Thank you.

Sarah-Jane Mortimer


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