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Wedding Reception at Marleybrook House - Saturday 31st July 2021

Good afternoon

We just wanted to drop a message to say thank you to everyone at Scott Anderson that had a part in our special day. It all went so well and the staff on the day were fantastic.

Everyone has said that the food was the best they have had at a wedding (although I do wonder if people say that to everyone 🙂), there was so much, and everyone managed to enjoy it.

The only downside to me, was that i simply ate too much at the wedding breakfast, after weeks of not eating much to lose weight for the day, that lunch got me so full I couldn't eat anything else all day!! but it was so good, and as I say, everyone loved it!

I am really really sorry I cannot remember the lady's name. But she made sure that Paula and I were well looked after all day and checked with us to make sure we had eaten before things went away, thank you so much for looking after us so well!

Thanks again for everything, I know it took a long time to get there, and throughout it all you have been fantastic. And to us, Scott Anderson are definitely the best caterers that we have ever experienced! With wonderful food throughout and the best team anyone could ask for.

Thank you for making our day perfect.

Ian and Paula


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