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Wedding Reception at Mount Ephraim - Saturday 2nd July 2022

Hi Lucy,

First of all I hope your run in with covid is not too severe and you get over it quickly! I also hope it didn’t ruin your anniversary too much! I'm sure hubby spoilt you at home instead!

Secondly we would like to thank you so much for allowing us to have our wedding at your amazing family home.

Everyone has only had the highest praise of the house and gardens, the staff and the organisation of everything.

Yes we were lucky to have had the weather but we both agreed that We couldn’t have found another place as special as Mount Ephraim if we had searched for a lifetime. It meant so much to both of us even so much that Nicola said that she had just about forgotten that we actually were already married as this one felt exactly what it should have been.

So thank you so much for everything you have done for us and for giving us a day that couldn’t have been better, it was so magical nobody wanted it to end. Sarah was amazing and appeared on time every time and everything ran like clockwork. The caterers were fantastic with the Chef being a genius in that kitchen. The bar staff again were on point and all was finished off after a lovely nights sleep with an amazing breakfast the following morning.

We are sure to be frequent visitors in the future as we explore the rest of the amazing gardens so I am sure we will bump into you at times.

Thank you again from the bottom of our hearts.

All the best

Nicola and Gregg x


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