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Wedding Reception at Bradbourne House - Saturday 04 December 2010

Updated: Jan 20, 2019

I just wanted to write to say a huge thank you for the amazing food and overall service you all provided on the day of our wedding. We had been so looking forward to it since the tasting way back in March, and it really lived up to expectations - especially impressive given all the snow and ice threatening to scupper things! I only wish I'd been able to eat more of it (I didn't realise how small an appetite I'd have on the day!). I'm trying to think what the highlight was, but it was really all so good that I can't pick one. Guests constantly commented on how good it all was and the level of service didn't go unnoticed either; everyone was so attentive, especially both of you.

Thank you so much.

All the best,

Anna and Matt


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