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Wedding Reception at Winters Barns - Friday 23rd May 2014

Updated: Mar 11, 2019

Hi Denise,

We're finally back from our honeymoon and wanted to contact you to say thanks.

We had such good feedback from all our guests and we were so impressed with your staff as well with their professionalism. Samantha and I were really happy with all the food and the service provided by Scott Anderson and would certainly recommend them to our friends and family, although your food did most of the talking! We also had two strict vegetarians present at our wedding breakfast who said that the main course they ate was the best they had eaten in a very long time.

Finally we would like to say a personal thanks to you as you were brilliant on the day and we felt very at ease knowing that you were running the show from the kitchen. We had an amazing wedding day and thank you for all your help in getting us there.

Kind regards

Mr & Mrs Gregory


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